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Brave Paws

Brave Paws is the newest addition to our portfolio - read about it here

Brave Paws Highlights

  • Specially developed for storm and other noise phobias 
  • Helps your dog remain calm in a storm 
  • Plant based active ingredients sustainably harvested from Costa Rica and North America 
  • Safe for dogs of all sizes
  • Not a sedative – does not affect mobility or focus

Brave Paws will make your family happy too!! 

Brave Paws Active Ingredients Are Tested

  • In extensive research conducted with betulinic acid there are no safety concerns with this compound. Repeated doses as high as
    500mg/kg have no associated toxicological effects.
  • Brave Paws possesses anxiolytic bioactives that exert an anti-anxiety effect.
  • You and your pawerful friends will benefit from Brave Paws - tested and proven.

Brave Paws is what your anxious dog needs 

Use Brave Paws for Storms, Noise Phobia and Anxiety

Proven Natural Ingredients

  • Natural plant-based ingredients that are sustainably harvested
  • Betulinic acid modulates cortisol response
  • Anxiety, fear reflexes and stress levels respond to cortisol

Safe and Effective

  • Safe for dogs of all sizes
  • Safe with up to 5X recommended dose
  • No acute or chronic toxicity
  • Not a sedative - no cognitive or loco-motor effects
  • Competitively priced
  • Convenient and economically priced container

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Brave Paws is a unique nutraceutical for dogs 

  • Effective - Great for stressful situations 
  • Calming - not a sedative or muscle relaxant 
  • Easy to use - one tablet for a 20 pound dog
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